Things We've Gotten Wrong

This is a messy process of learning, communicating, and generating solutions. Part of the process is getting things wrong. Our goal is to remain 100% transparent throughout this process of things we've gotten wrong. We do not delete posts. Rather, we intent to correct information here. If there is something missing from this list, please contact us.

  1. In a post on @therapyinsights, we stated that AOTA and APTA are not part of the university accreditation process. This is false. ACOTE, which accredits OT grad programs, is an entity of AOTA. CAPTE, which accredits PT grad programs, is an entity of APTA.
  2. We initially stated that only Nevada and Virginia licensing boards require the CCC. We are also now aware that you need the CCC to get a state license in New Jersey. Similar to Virginia, this is only if an SLP does not work in the schools.
    Update November 10, 2023: The information stating that the CCC is required was provided by the NJ state association, which does not match the information provided by the NJ state licensing regulations. Therefore, we stand by our original statement that New Jersey does not require the CCC. (Side note: It should not be this difficult for SLPs to access legislation that directly impacts their ability to do their jobs).
  3. We stated that SLPs do not need the CCC to bill Medicare or Medicaid. This is true according to federal regulation. Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Washington D.C. all require the CCC to bill Medicaid per their individual state regulations.
  4. We stated that ASHA members do not vote for the board of directors. This is false. ASHA utilizes a hybrid election model, where a committee nominates members and SLPs vote yes or no. ASHA members can make recommendations for the nomination committee to consider. The member at large is based on popular vote.
  5. In episode 10 of the podcast, we stated that ASHA is doing a drawing for two $225 gift cards. They are in fact doing a drawing for four $225 Amazon gift cards for those who elect to renew by November 8, 2023.
  6. On Instagram, we created a post on December 8, 2023 that stated that audiologists did not need to be supervised by someone who pays for the CCC-A in order to qualify to pay for the CCC-A. This is false. It is true that if audiologists did not obtain supervised hours during grad school under someone who paid for the CCC-A, they can make up those hours after they graduate and qualify to apply for and pay for the CCC-A. This same option is not available to SLPs.
  7. On episode 28 of the Fix SLP podcast titled, "Meet the Most Fearless of Fixers," our guest referred to the University of Maryland requiring students to obtain the CCC prior to graduating from the audiology program. This is false.

Did we get something else wrong? We would love to learn and set the record straight. Please contact us!

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