We are working to build a grassroots advocacy firm that arms SLPs with the tools and resources we need to fix our profession.

Fix SLP was established by Jeanette Benigas, PhD, SLP, and cofounder. We now have teams of volunteers all over the country working to lead advocacy efforts. Fix SLP provides space to discuss the biggest challenges that are currently holding back the profession of speech-language pathology. We present these issues with facts and invite you to be a part of joining our movement to make things better, one conversation at a time.

We are currently focusing on these issues:

  • The redundancy of the CCC and the coercive tactics used to tie the CCC to ASHA membership as well as the distorted pricing of the CCC and membership products.
  • Competency-based training for SLPs, including questioning the evidence-base of ASHA's Practice Analysis and the conflicts of interest of a national association being university accrediting body, membership association, certification product purveyor, CE provider approver, as well as possible certification product provider approver.
  • Monitoring the development of the ASLP Interstate Compact and watching to see if ASHA entangles the CCC in its requirements.
  • The SLP CEU market- how CEUs are (or more realistically, are not) regulated and how SLPs can be informed consumers of CE products.
  • Questioning the validity of certification products that use predatory marketing tactics and false promises of increased pay and credibility.
  • Guidance for new grads- how to transition from grad school to professional in the midst of great change in the profession.


  • A vibrant and empowering grassroots advocacy firm that arms SLPs with the tools needed to shape local legislation in a way that benefits SLPs and protects consumers. This means advocating for state legislation that holds SLPs to an excellent standard and protects consumers from incompetent clinical practice.
  • A shift towards a dynamic, innovative field of professionals that embodies autonomy. A professional space where the voices of SLPs are seen, heard, and valued. 

Our Team

Jeanette Benigas, Ph.D., SLP
Owner and Operations Director

Jeanette Benigas, Ph.D., SLP owns the mobile FEES company Safe Swallowing Diagnostics, practices as a PRN medical SLP in acute care, HH, SNF, and OP, and has over a decade of teaching experience at universities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New York and for multiple CEU platforms. Her primary goal as an educator is to contribute to the knowledge of future and practicing clinicians with foundational or advanced clinical knowledge related to adult neurological and swallowing disorders for more relevant, functional, and confident practice. You can find her advocating for issues related to medical SLP on IG and drinking coffee for survival.


  • Owner of Safe Swallowing Diagnostics, LLC
  • Medical SLP
  • Former school-based SLP
  • @MedSLPadvocate
  • Currently paying for the CCC under guidance of the movement’s lawyer

Preston Lewis, M.A., SLP
Director of Public Policy and Legislative Affairs 

Preston describes himself as, "a speech therapist and recovering politician."

His SLP history includes SNF, psychiatric and correctional settings. A former elected city councilor, sports broadcaster, and volunteer for the Conservative Party of Canada, Preston is passionate about issues that impact working class clinicians trying to survive in today's economy.

Preston is a newlywed and proud father to an incredibly bright preteen daughter. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, writing, and refining his recipe for curry chicken.


  • Medical SLP
  • Not afraid of a political knife fight in a phone booth
  • Currently paying for the CCC because… it’s complicated

    Elizabeth Nielsen, M.A., SLP
    Content Coordinator

    Elizabeth Nielsen owns the private practice Tiny Voice Therapy Services, LLC on her farm in Elburn, IL. She is a certified therapeutic horseback riding instructor as well as American Hippotherapy Association Level 1 trained to incorporate hippotherapy into her practice. She is a neurodiversity affirming therapist and specializes in working with AAC. Elizabeth is passionate about helping her clients advocate for themselves and to feel a sense of autonomy. She has the same passion in advocating for positive changes in the field for all speech language pathologists and the clients we serve.


    • Owner of Tiny Voice Therapy Services, LLC
    • Pediatric SLP
    • @tiny_voice_therapy 
    • Currently paying for the CCC to supervise graduate students who are pursuing the purchase of the CCC