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Fix SLP in the news

Fearless Fixer Elizabeth Nielson of Tiny Voice Therapy knew that the issues Fearless Fixers are calling out needed to be publicized to a broader community, so she called NPR. WNIJ interviewed Elizabeth, Fix SLP, and others.

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Ranked in the Top 100 Business Podcasts

Every week, Megan and Jeanette bring you fresh takes on a variety of topics, including how to be a CCC-free SLP.

  • The BEST!

    I finally feel heard (and supported) as an SLP! Thanks for your work and resources. These gals are the best!


    melfoodie85, 02/09/2024

  • Fix SLP

    I am so grateful that these two started this movement and have been beyond amazing! THIS is the kind of advocacy I would pay $250/year for!


    On Fiah, 02/09/2024

  • Thanks for advocating!

    I love this podcast!!! Thank you two so much for recapping all of the information you’ve learned and work you’re doing to FIX SLP!!


    pearc117, 12/23/2023