Ongoing Efforts and Petitions

  • Arizona Petition for Review: To remove the CCC requirement for SLPs who supervise SLPs who are billing Medicaid. (Note that licensed SLPs do not need to pay for the CCC in order to bill Medicaid in Arizona. This confusing regulation makes it required if and only if the SLP is supervising an SLP who is billing Medicaid, such as an SLP who just graduated and is under a provisional license).
  • Improving Access to Speech Therapy in Michigan- Changing Medicaid Language: A petition to remove the requirement of the CCC and only require a state license in order to bill Medicaid in the state of Michigan.
  • The Collective, started by Dr. Shameka N. Stewart, Ph.D., J.D., CCC-SLP/L: There is no formal website for this movement, but you can contact Dr. Stewart and view her updates on Instagram. View Dr. Stewart's petition here.
  • ASHA: Stop Lying that the CCC is Optional: This petition was started by Fix SLP to ask ASHA to own up to how they have lobbied to make the CCC required by state regulations.
  • North Carolina SLPs are working to remove the CCC requirement for state Medicaid regulations. Join our free Pumble community (link under Quick Links) to connect with those SLPs and contribute to this work.

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